Martin RowanMy name is Martin Rowan, and I graduated many years ago with a degree in Computer Science and have spent the years since working in the computer software industry. My interest in electronics started when I was young after being given one of the n-in-1 electronics kits with a few components and spring terminals, probably from Tandy. My interest continued and I got my first weekend job working at Maplin Electronics at their recently opened at the Gateshead Metro Centre store. I think I spent everything I earned in the shop; at least I got a staff discount.

I’ve maintained an interest in electronics throughout the years since, spending a brief amount of time experimenting with PIC programming before real life and family commitments took priority several years ago. With the recent appearance of relatively cheap, powerful micro-computers with extensive IO capabilities linked accompanied by a vast array of open source web services, sensors, hardware, libraries etc. A rapidly growing community of hobbyists conjuring up new projects has been forming and my interest was peaked once again.

So here we are now, and I’m using this site to capture my experiences as I explore/muddle along. This site is mainly for my own reference, but at the same time it may benefit others.

Should you wish to, you can follow me on twitter @martinrowan or feel free to reach out and connect via LinkedIn.